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4 Headphone Upgrades for Apple Fanatics

Apple’s decision to remove the standard headphone socket from the fresh iPhone 7 has caused a stir among the users. The removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone has left users wondering how they are going to enjoy music on their smartphone. There are a wide variety of lightning-connector headphones reviewed on popular tech sites.

There are also plenty of wireless options, which are most intriguing to us because of Apple’s new W1 chip, which promised better-than-ever audio quality wirelessly. On this note, we’ve compiled a list of recommended earphones for iPhone 7 that just came out:

1. AirPods

Apple’s AirPods support both the iPhones and the Apple watches. The ease of pairing (you do not have to open the Bluetooth configurations screen to pair) makes the Apple AirPods seem like the future. The buds being truly wireless feels it feel highly advanced too, although in a slightly different way, some people really aren’t big fans of them, like the editors at Gizmodo Australia. airpod alternatives

As soon as you put one of the Airpods into your ear, you hear a little sound effect which lets you know that they are working.

Once both AirPods are in your ears, removing any one will automatically stop the music you are listening to. It boasts a battery life of about 5 hours per charge. As a result of fast charging, users could get 3 hours of battery life after only 15 minutes of charging.

2. Bose Wireless QuietComfort

Bose made a basic piece from its noise canceling technology, and the Bose QuietComfort headphones prove this. The headphones can make phone calls and balance the audio levels using an equalizer. All the controls are on the right ear-cup with a power slider on the outside shell that also acts as the Bluetooth pairing key.

There are volume controls along the rim and a play/pause key beside the LED indicators that let you know when the Bose Wireless headphones are paired and when the battery is low. The ear pads are cushy and soft, yet they provide enough insulation between the head and the rim of the ear cup to keep it nice and comfortable even when you use it for a long period. The Bose Wireless QuietComfort headphones can give their users up to 20 hours of listening time.

3. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser is one of the best brands of headphone in the market, and they’ve gotten even better with their Momentum 2.0 model.  Every part of the headphone oozes luxury. From your high-quality leather earpads and headband to the stainless steel slider. This is a distinctly premium item. Impeccably finished with a durable build, the headphone design will never go out of fashion. Unlike the earbuds, the Sennheiser’s earcups can make your ears somehow warm during prolonged listening.

Therefore there are still more beneficial than a smaller pair. With a three-button and an inline remote, the Sennheiser is the perfect match for your iPhone7. Besides controlling the tracks and volume, you can also make phone calls at the touch of a button which is best when your phone is out of sight. It boast a battery life of about 22 hours

4. Jaybird X2

Jaybird X2 headphones are the best companions for the iPhone 7 owners as it gives a tight fit that cannot be jostled out of your ear, coupled with a durable design that helps you during workout sessions. These small and durable earbuds are perfectly designed even to their liquipel hydrophobic covering. The headphones have a lifetime warranty.

The buds are connected with a flat cable that has inline controls for Bluetooth pairing power and the volume level. Since the controls are on a connecting cable, the controls are behind your ear. They are slightly hard to reach although they remain very useful. The Jaybird X2 comes with an adaptable fit, allowing you to select from three sizes of either Comply foam ear tips or silicone, plus some ear hooks with a new design to assist lock in the perfect fit. It has an impressive 8-hour battery life.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

So it’s almost that time again, that’s right, for Christmas 2017! While it may be everyone’s favorite holiday, this Christmas will be a little bit more special for Apple lovers as there are a whole host of new accessories coming out to work with the all new iPhones and Macbooks.

Apple shook up the music industry with their redesigned iPhones which now only feature one single Lightning port. A whole new variety of headphone companies have popped up to take advantage just in time for the holiday shopping season.

So, if you are having difficulty trying to find gift ideas for that friend of yours that is a music lover and uses Apple products, then consider a few of the following ideas:

1. Philips Fidelio Hi-Res Headphones

These things are absolutely perfect gift material. They use a Lightning cable to transmit high fidelity music directly to the earphone units which have built in digital-to-analog-converters and amplifiers to produce a listening experience to rival all other old fashioned earphones your friend may have been using.

The nice things about the Philips cans is that they provide super HD audio quality but won’t absolutely break the bank as they are usually around $2-300, which is usually within the budget of most holiday shoppers. While they aren’t cheap they are definitely a worthy investment for any Apple fanboy or fangirl. If we’ve piqued your interest check out a more in-depth review of the Fidelios from the fine folks at LightningCans here.


2. Audeze Planar Magnetic Headphones

If you like the Philips but have a larger budget (much larger) and/or the person you are shopping for is an absolute audio snob then you can consider the EL-8 Titaniums from reputable headphone maker Audeze. These things definitely are NOT cheap but use a revolutionary tech called “planar magnetic technology” to create a listening experience that is out of this world.

The Audeze take a while to make, and demand is quite high, especially given the stellar reviews, but if you look around online you should be able to find a pair for a reasonable price. For a full low-down on these spectacular headphones check out this cheeky review from audio snob Ken Rockwell here.


3. JBL Reflect Aware Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Finally, in case you don’t like things sitting on your ears, we have the JBL Reflect Aware, which are Lightning powered earbuds. The Phiplis Fidelio are fair size, but the Audeze models are just massive. If you are shopping for an active person who likes their music refined but is also out jogging or at the gym 24/7 then these will probably be right up his or her ally since they aren’t nearly as cumbersome as the above mentioned models.

JBL is really out in the foreground here, as companies like Bose have kind of dominated the noise cancelling earbud space for years. So congratulations to JBL for introducing some truly revolutionary tech, which at an affordable price point, which is expected of JBL, is pretty much THE perfect gift for active music lovers. If these are more your fancy you can read more about them form our friends “from down under” (we mean Australia) at EFTM, who composed a dandy little review on these badboys here.

So there you have it, our top picks for Christmas gifts for that difficult to shop for music lover every office seems to have!


Future Technology – Useful and amazing ideas

New inventions and technologies are appearing with every new day. Technology develops extremely fast, and you cannot even take a guess about what will be next. Ever since we were little children, we imagined the future. Flying cars, spaceships, flying people even, but the future often doesn’t turn out to be that way. However, who of us thought that we would experience virtual reality or electric cars or that we will start working on Autopilot cars in 2016. Experts and companies from different business areas already have plans and projects for future technology. Here are some of the most unusual and weird ones.

  1. Coffee fuel

London Coffee Industry makes an enormous amount of waste each year, and what do they do with it? Nothing. London Entrepreneur Arthur Kay has an idea that would be a pretty great way to save some money and use less electrical energy. The waste from coffee companies should be used as bio-fuel. This bio-fuel would be the best way to heat up building or, power up the transport.

  1. Sound waves firefighter

Forest Fires are one of the most frequent natural disasters that can happen anytime and anywhere. Fire-fighting is a very expensive and demanding process, not to mention deaths of innocent people involved. One of the recent ideas solves the whole firefighting problem, and it includes drones and sound waves. Drones would direct sound waves towards the fire and the trees, therefore, interrupting oxygen supply over the fire. If the sound waves are of the right frequency, the fire should die out.

  1. Space Balloon

capsule-balloonScientists are often talking about a trip into space, numerous ideas and projects are already tried out. However, this discussion never ends. Different spaceships and rockets were considered and even sent to space, but each of this attempts extremely expensive and very slow. The fastest way to get there is certainly a Space Balloon. World View Enterprises company decided to take the tourists up to the stratosphere to witness the curvature of the Earth. First test flight was successful, and they plan to start selling tickets in a few years.

  1. Brain Print Password

150602160631_1_900x600Even though there is still no concrete plan or strategy on how to do this, experts noticed a few changes that could help achieve this. While you’re reading different acronyms, your brain waves change, and each person reacts differently. Aside from brain wave passwords for your social networks that could only be accessed by you, this will probably be the way to find out exactly who was at the computer at the given time. This could be very rewarding in the investigations that concern computer-based crimes.

  1. Bump Mark

Bump Mark was originally developed for blind people. However, it would be very useful to all of us. Printed dates on the food are often unreliable, and they could be forged, however, bump marks are reliable labels for every supply. At first, the bump label is smooth, as the food decays the label becomes bumpy. Your groceries would always be fresh and ready for use.

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