Screen Repairs for iPhones

If you own an iPhone or any other phone with a screen for that matter, you will probably at one time or other scratch the screen. Sometimes the screen is not scratched enough to warrant replacing it, just an inconvenience but at other times sometimes it is necessary to replace the screen. The obvious thing to do is to contact the nearest dealer that deals with that brand of phone and ask them if they can replace the screen. They will probably tell you they can but as any warranty you may have does not cover accidents, you will have to pay for the screen to be replaced. Although that sounds reasonable, the nearest repair facility for that brand may be miles away and be a big inconvenience for you to go there. The company may tell you that in that case, you could send it to them by post and once repaired will return it to you the same way. Once again this is an extreme inconvenience as that could take days and you would be without your phone that whole time plus, you may have some personal information on your phone which you would rather not entrust to the postal service. This all means that for less inconvenience, you will have to find another way for your iphone screen repair. Fortunately for people that live in London that have iPhones and other similar phones, there is a repair service that only takes 2 hours. The company Repairly which is based in London not only offers to repair your phone in 2 hours but will also pick it up and return it to you and so you cannot get a service any more convenient than that anywhere. Although there are other people that may say they can replace the screen in minutes, they will probably expect you to have the screen and if not, they will tell you where you can buy it. If you have to buy the screen yourself though and it only takes minutes to replace, you may as well replace the screen yourself. There are many websites on the web that will give you instructions on how to replace the screen on your phone yourself and many claim that you will be able to do it in less than 10 minutes.

One definite advantage of replacing the screen yourself is that you will know how to do it if you ever need to change it again and so can save you money. Regardless of how unbreakable a cell phone company claims their phones to be, they still seem to be able to have their screens scratched if you are not careful with them. The day may of course come when screens are scratch proof but until then the need for replacement screens and how to change them will remain a problem faced by many cell phone owners. Just remember when ordering a new screen, to give not only the brand by the version number as well.

Jason Hill

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