Wrapping a Car

An increasing number of car owners are opting to wrap their cars rather than repainting them and whilst this may at first seem unusual, once you learn more about vinyl wraps for cars the reason becomes clearer and makes more sense, possibly enticing you to contemplate doing the same thing.

Why vinyl wrapping your car may start to seem a preference from repainting it is because a professional wrap has several distinct advantages over the professional painting. The advantages of car wraps are numerous but here are some of the main ones:

Cost – The cost to have a professional wrap your car is often far cheaper than you would have to pay to get the car professionally painted. This is, of course, dependent on the quality of wrap used and also the abilities of the painter and what paint they use but assuming both are of the highest quality, wrapping a car is far less expensive than painting it.

Value – Maintaining the value of a car is important as it will then provide a better resale price, once again affording you a financial saving if your car has been wrapped and therefore maintained its original paint from the manufacturer. This is especially important when you consider that a good quality wrap can last for as long as 10 years whilst, regardless of how good a professional paint job you got, will last considerably less time.

The breadth of Options – When wanting your car repainted, usually you will be presented with a limited choice of colors to choose from but with vinyl wraps your imagination is the only limiting factor and so can literally have your car any color or colors you can dream of.

Time – Once again the time it takes to wrap a car compared to the time it takes to have it painted, depends mainly on who you hire to do the job but on average wrapping a car takes half the time it would to fully repaint it, perhaps 3 to 5 days instead of 2 weeks.

Protection – Paint is very prone to chipping from harsh contact with gravel or other road surfaces and is also prone to fading with too much sunlight. A good quality vinyl, on the other hand, is very tough, able to withstand harsh treatment from road surfaces and is unaffected by any amount of sunlight.

Maintenance – In order to maintain a painted car looking good and bright, it is essential that you polish it on a regular basis, a vinyl wrap though only needs a quick wash with soap and water to once again look as good as new, saving both time and money in maintaining a car with its best possible look.

With these wide-ranging benefits, it may now become clearer as to why people are opting to wrap their cars as opposed to painting them and may even prompt you into possibly considering a wrap instead of a new repaint for your current or any future car you may own.

Jason Hill

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